Our Future

Thumbprint approaches missions through a systematic methodology meaning that we offer a step-by-step process designed to stretch participants physically, mentally, and spiritually. We accomplish this through short-term mission trips categorized into Levels 1, 2, and 3. Participants usually start at level 1 and work their way up the ladder. With each step up, participants can expect the mission experience to become a little challenging. Each level prepares participants for the next step. In doing this we can tailor our missions to the needs of those attending...making it fun, challenging, educational, and spiritually rewarding. In the future we are focusing on offering more mission trips with a broader range of dates. We hope to offer several Level 1 mission trips across the United States. We also plan on offering our first Level 2 mission trip starting with the Utah Mountain Mission in 2019. Our end goal is to extend our missions beyond the borders of the United States allowing participants to share the Love of Christ internationally. 

Currently, Thumbprint offers one Level 1 mission opportunity, Carolina Mountain Mission. For more information on this mission, please follow the link

In the future our structure will look similar to the one below. Please note that all the camps mentioned below will hopefully be offered in the near future. 

Level 1 Mission Opportunities 

Carolina Mountain Mission (CM2) - A work based mission camp in Western North Carolina

Carolina Coastal Mission (C2M) - A work based mission camp on the Coast of South Carolina

Level 2 Mission Opportunities 

Utah Mountain Mission (UM2) - An Evangelical Outreach mission in Manti, Utah. 

level 3 mission opportunities 

Bahama Beach Mission (B2M) - A work based and Evangelical Outreach on the Bahamas.

Thumbprint is also investigating possible international opportunities in Honduras, Ecuador, and Ireland.