The mission of Thumbprint Ministries Inc. is to operate a short-term mission organization (1) that serves the needs of the local community by partnering with the local churches, local public charities, and local civil authorities, whose aim is to help the widow, the orphan, and the less fortunate. (2) To bridge the gap between the giver and receiver for the Glory of God. 3) To develop mission minded people that are willing to do whatever Christ asks of them.



At Thumbprint Ministries we do things the hard way, but what some may not understand is that we do it this way on purpose. Today, people seem to be a product of parents who did or still do everything for them. Therefore, when they attend a short-term mission, they expect the same treatment. They want their mission experience to be easy and run smooth without any surprises or challenges. 

We strive for it to be just the opposite. Our trips are built to stretch participants physically, mentally, and spiritually. We challenge campers to be flexible and willing to serve no matter the location or schedule. This methodology has proved to build a greater reliance on Christ, flexibility, character, and faith that is required to truly serve outside of oneself. 

As Believers of Jesus Christ, we enter into a covenant relationship that pledges allegiance to God. This allegiance includes that we agree to go anywhere and do anything at anytime for Him. The Disciples first realized this in John 6, and it proved difficult even for them. It is Thumbprint's desire to help prepare attendees to better serve the Lord wherever and however He calls. To take up their cross, deny themselves, and follow Jesus as we are commanded in Luke 9:23.